HACK*BLOSSOM hosts accessible lectures and workshops that balance practical privacy with compassionate politics. Contact us at outreach@hackblossom.org to organize an event for your community.



ICA Deep Dives: Cybersecurity with HACK*BLOSSOM

April 19th, 2018 // Institute of Contemporary Art, MA

ICA Deep Dives is a series designed to present knowledge on a subject related to a current exhibition. These crash courses by local experts include interactive elements in which participants can apply their new know-how. Noah created an interactive lesson on cybersecurity using artworks from the exhibition, Art in the Age of the Internet.

DIY Cybersecurity and Technology Talk

July 17, 2017 // Providence Public Library, RI

Noah presented an overview on “safety” from the political, economic, and interpersonal perspectives that we must be aware of in our day-to-day lives. He also covered cybersecurity basics that are most practical for average users and discussed the current legal and cultural issues surrounding privacy.

DIY Cybersecurity: Solidarity Through Technology

December 8th, 2016 // Mount Holyoke College, MA

In this talk, Noah explored how personal relationships to technology can cultivate a culture that values safety and autonomy in digital spaces, especially in respect to threats of political oppression and personal harassment, as well as how technology can inform both institutional and personal activism. He discussed the current legal and cultural issues surrounding privacy, how cybersecurity plays a role in the addressing those issues, and how cybersecurity can be a launching point for creating enduring and resilient communities over the next few years. While he prioritizes the needs of women, people of color, Muslims, immigrants, and LGBTQ folks, his insights are applicable to everyone.

Cybersecurity w/ Girls Only Leadership Development: GOLD

February 4th, 2016 // Cambridge, MA

The Girls Only leadership Development (GOLD) program is a monthly program launched by Mayor E. Denise Simmons that "teaches life and leadership skills to help guide participants on a path toward future success". HACK*BLOSSOM co-facilitated a group discussion on how to safely navigate digital spaces and cyberbullying while remaining critical of everyday tools and technologies.

Ethical Cybersecurity: Creating Safer Digital Spaces

July 13, 2015 // New York, NY

Hosted by Dev Bootcamp, we explored how common security threats can be mitigated by developers and users alike by promoting digital autonomy.

Security & Surveillance: Drink Salon on Tech & Ethics

June 25, 2015 // Cambridge, MA

A speaking event at East Meets West where we investigated how cybersecurity issues are rooted in centuries of U.S. surveillance technology, which accessible tools can help defend against personal security risks, and ways that communities can create a culture of informed digital resistance.

DIY Queer Cybersecurity

March 7, 2015 // Hampshire College, MA

Presented by Noah as a member of Safe Hub Collective, this workshop at the Five College Queer Gender and Sexuality Conference addressed the unique digital privacy and security issues facing queer-identified people, including digital harassment campaigns, activist surveillance, and invasive web tracking. Particpants praised our "incredibly accessible language" and "resources available after workshop".


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