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Know me by fallen leaves.
Read them like a palm.

I am autotrophic,
Nourished by light.
Incessant. In habit.

I sprouted leaves for it,
Stiff and hydrostatic.
I bask in the loathing,
Foreboding, lusting light.

I need toxicity,
As much


Asphalt, patched black and white, offered acceleration through a loss of friction.
I demanded nothing less than collapsing distance.
Surfaces can resist you too.
I inverted from the root upwards.
The lowest bone split in force and fissure.
I reverted

Vast Crushing Opacity

Textual epithets, corrosive pixels, streaming static bodies, promiscuous data signals, recursive corporate charters, decomposing legal doctrines, automated declarations of death, wealth circulating like blood in distant limbs, history folding back on itself, exposure.


I'd rather everything be quiet and clear,